Just added; A couple of amazing Gretsch Guitars, including a Baritone, several Danelectro Guitars (a Baby Sitar (Electric Sitar), 12 strings, Baritone, Electric Resonator). Check out the videos with the Baby Sitar and the resonator to be wowed! Expected within the next few weeks; a shipment of Eastman Guitars and replacements for (the fast selling) Riversong Guitars (High end, very innovative Canadian Brand).

Teye Guitars

Vastly superior handmade guitars from Nashville Tennessee by Dutch luthier and master guitarist Teye and his team of exceptional craftspeople. www.teye.com   we always have a few models in stock, what`s in stock in Nashville can of course be ordered through us. Only the highest grade components, teyes patented electronics circuit, many in house crafted parts make these guitars tone monsters suited for anything between be-bop and metal. Lollar, DiMarzio and Seymour Duncan pickups complete the picture of awesomeness!