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Danelectro Baby Sitar Electric Guitar in Tobacco Burst

Danelectro Baby Sitar Electric Guitar in Tobacco Burst

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Add the Unique Sound of a Sitar to Your Rig

You don't have to invest in a real sitar to add that haunting, droning Eastern flavor to your music — get the Danelectro Baby Sitar. With its familiar six-string configuration and 21-fret maple neck, and tuned like a standard guitar, you'll be able to translate your playing skills without a steep learning curve. Featuring a Gotoh sitar bridge and a single-coil lipstick pickup, the Baby Sitar delivers the enchanting sitar sound in an electric instrument that's ready to record and perform. Whether you only use it for one song, or the basis for an entire project, you definitely need to check out the Danelectro Baby Sitar.

Exotic sounds with a familiar feel

While the Danelectro Baby Sitar serves up exotic sounds, it has a familiar feel that won't interfere with your playing style. Sure, if you want it to sound more authentic you'll need to learn a new scale or two and a few ornamentations, but this 6-string instrument is tuned to standard guitar tuning making it easy, and fun, to play. Grab a Danelectro Baby Sitar and discover the new sounds and new music that await.

Classic single-coil Lipstick tones

Like the original Danelectros, the Baby Sitar sports a single-coil lipstick pickup. The lipstick pickup gives you the classic Danelectro round-twang that fits great in any recording or live mix. And since lipstick pickups were originally built by Danelectro, you can assume they know a thing or two about bringing you great lipstick tone. Take it from musicians at Sweetwater — the Baby Sitar offers a unique sound that will fit perfectly in sonically-adventurous projects.

Danelectro Baby Sitar Features:

  • Classic electric sitar sounds, with traditional guitar playability
  • Features six strings tuned in standard guitar tuning
  • Vintage-styled and voiced Lipstick pickup delivers classic Danelectro sound
  • Gotoh Sitar bridge creates the iconic buzzing sound
  • Vintage-style aluminum nut
  • Volume and tone controls
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