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Mooer Looper X2 Stereo Looper Effects Pedal

Mooer Looper X2 Stereo Looper Effects Pedal

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The Looper X2 is the culmination of over a decade of experience developing easy-to-use standalone and combination pedals. The Looper X2 supercharges practice sessions as well as live performances by empowering the player to start jamming as soon as possible. The Looper X2 is a dual-footswitch operated looper pedal aimed at providing fast loop creation with no shortage of space to save your favorite tracks and samples. With 11 song banks, each bank featuring 7 save slots, the Looper X2 provides a total of 300 minutes recording time (2.5 mins per slot in bank 1-9, 10 min each in bank 10, 11). Each slot also corresponds to common song structures as to make organizing sections and tracks easier, as indicated on the front of the pedal. Save slots and recorded tracks can also be managed using the specialized editor software that can be downloaded for free, and compatible with Mac and Windows PCs. Additional features of the Looper X2 include a FADE knob for controlling and toggling the Fade out function for each loop. Users can also toggle an Auto Rec function to start recording a loop every time a guitar signal input is detected by employing the THRESHOLD knob. Additional knobs include separate volume level controls for Recording and Playback, as well as an 11-option knob for scrolling through the song banks. The dual footswitch setup offers familiar Looper controls and for users desiring more control, the Looper X2 also supports an external footswitch that can perform a variety of operations like cycling through different parts of the current selected song bank. See the manual for more information on compatibility. The Looper X2, like with other X2 devices, includes Stereo I/O and a ¼” External Control out for connecting a footswitch as well as True Bypass to stay quiet when not in use.

  • Dual-footswitch stereo looper pedal
  • Up to 77 save slots for a total of 300 minutes record time
  • Auto Record function
  • Fade Out function allows tracks to fade out naturally after playing stops
  • Saving options are based on the structure of songs, allowing quick recording and playback anywhere
  • Two footswitch modes allow players to switch between 7 different tracks while playing
  • Compatible with external footswitch controller
  • Specialized editor software for import/export of audio tracks and updating firmware

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