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MusicNomad GRIP Bit Peg Winder Attachment

MusicNomad GRIP Bit Peg Winder Attachment

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Changing strings just got a whole lot easier, safer and more fun! Music Nomad's patent pending GRIP Bit peg winder attaches to any cordless power drill or power screwdriver. The innovative GRIP Technology smoothly and silently slips over your tuning pegs for a scratch free and clank free operation compared to traditional plastic peg winders. Our contoured design fits virtually all tuning pegs both big and small. It's perfect for electric and acoustic guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, ukulele and orchestral strings.

• Attaches to power screwdriver or power drill
• Rubber-lined safe, scratch free design
• Fits and grips virtually all tuning pegs
• Narrow profile head keeps from hitting adjacent tuning pegs
• Strong carbon steel shaft

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