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MusicNomad Diamond Coated Fret End Dressing File (E-File)

MusicNomad Diamond Coated Fret End Dressing File (E-File)

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Designed by our Sonoma, CA team and in collaboration with top repair techs, the E-File sets a new higher standard for what you should expect when you buy a Fret End Dressing File. The perfect solution to fix fret sprout & sharp fret ends by deburring, shaping, smoothing and rounding.

Unlike common toothed fret end files, our exclusive design features medical grade stainless steel with a 280 grit Diamond Coated cutting surface that allows for even, smooth and precise filing that both cuts and polishes simultaneously. Premium diamonds are applied to two sides of the file.

It works amazing for dressing all fret material types, including stainless steel. The fully rounded & polished tip protects from damaging your guitar.

We designed the file with two types of non-marring safe edges to enhance functionality. One safe edge is perfectly flat and polished smooth. The other safe edge (identified with an arrow on the handle) is slightly radiused and polished smooth. In addition, all four corners are slightly rounded to avoid damage to the fretboard.

The handle's well balanced & user-centered ergonomics are like no other. It features a double row of thumb and finger grips with smooth transitions to naturally fit in your hand. The high quality textured rubber grip's tactile feedback enhances comfort and control for all fine detail and precision fret end work. It even includes a convenient hang hole for storage.

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