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Quilter Interbass 45 Watt Bass Amp Pedal

Quilter Interbass 45 Watt Bass Amp Pedal

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Today’s bass player faces new challenges, ranging from performing on “silent stages” to trying to get a good recording at home without bothering the neighbors. The INTERBASS from Quilter Labs is loaded with powerful features for going direct to PA and recording consoles, combined with a potent little power amp for driving speakers with enough volume for practice and small gigs. Combines the best features of the Bass Block signal path with Quilter’s latest direct-out connectivity setup.

The pedal-sized INTERBASS combines the unmatched dynamic processing of the Bass Block preamp with a 3-band EQ section, active Effects Loop, switchable Cab Sim, and selectable Headphone/Line driver. Active/Passive switch optimizes input level, multiband EQ provides powerful tone shaping, exclusive “full flow” dynamic processing maximizes headroom, and FR/VINT switch selects modern full-range bass response or a mellower “old school” tone. Complete with universal 24V power supply and AC cord.
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