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Riversong P2P GA - FANNED FRETS!! (California Style) Pre Order

Riversong P2P GA - FANNED FRETS!! (California Style) Pre Order

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Same specs as a regular P2P GA but with Fanned Frets.

This gives the thicker strings a looser feel and the higher strings a tighter feel!

“In our years of making Graduated Scale Guitars, we had always fanned the nut and the Bridge. One Day, I was working on guitars and realized that I could get the same ergonomic fan without the excessive scale change by fanning the nut and using the bridge as the neutral point. After building many prototypes and some heavy math, We developed the California Scale. A 25.5-25” scale length guitar that would normally be 26-25” fan. This has other benefits over just ergonomics and a neutral bridge point. The other benefit is that the bracing doesn’t have any twist to it, how the bridge reacts with the bracing and position on the top is much better, and the end result is ergonomic and string tension like a dread and a folk in the same guitar. “

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