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Two Notes

Two Notes Le Bass Preamp and Overdrive

Two Notes Le Bass Preamp and Overdrive

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Preamplifier and Overdrive for Bass


The Le Bass is the bassist's ultimate weapon. Channel A, ultra clean, is ideal for all modern playing techniques with a fast response and an extremely wide spectrum, softened by the slight compression linked to the tube: no style is prohibited. Channel B is a tribute to rock bass and balances in uppercut a raging distortion that will remind everyone that without bass even the most expansive of guitarists sounds tiny!

The essential Cold Fusion lets you dose just the right amount of saturation on your ultra-clean sound. The Hot Fusion has been the subject of our attention, as the High Gain is a highly explosive material in terms of bass. Ultra-saturated and aggressive sounds with fuzz rumbles at the limit of the bass synth, put the Rangers in the dish without false note.

Two channels plus Fusion mode

Channels A and B are independent, each with its own sound color (voicing) and its EQ: bass and treble on A, bass, treble and medium with semi-parametric adjustment (Sweep) on B. Channel A has more clear with an EQ placed before the tube (more vintage inspired), channel B offers a more modern approach with an active post-gain EQ and a more saturated sound. In addition to these two channels, the Fusion modes open up new horizons for you.

Cold Fusion : By pressing footswitches A and B simultaneously, you activate the Fusion mode. In "Cold Fusion" the two channels are in parallel, which means that you can mix the clean sound of channel A with the more saturated sound of channel B in order to gain more intelligibility in your saturated sound.

Hot Fusion: In “Hot Fusion” A and B are placed in series, which means that A can be considered as a boost for B, the respective EQ of A and B being a powerful tool to shape your sound.

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