3 Monkeys Sock Monkey

3 Monkeys Sock Monkey

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Same great Sock Monkey tone, now with 18W of output & a 12″ Celestion Greenback.

You asked for it, you got it! The Sock Monkey 18/12 features a slightly larger cabinet that holds a 12″ Celestion Greenback and a new larger output transformer for closer to 18 watts and more headroom. It runs 2x EL84 output tubes and 3x 12AX7 preamp tubes. VOLUME, TREBLE, BASS, and MASTER controls, as well as a pull BOOST on the volume control allow many tonal possibilities. This is our decidedly British sounding combo, it’s tone is in between a AC-15 and an 18 watter with more gain.


  • Two EL84 Output Tubes (cathode bias)
  • 18 Watts Output with Master Volume
  • Three 12AX7 Preamp Tubes
  • Volume (Pull Boost)
  • Master Volume
  • Bass
  • Treble
  • Celestion G12-M 12" 8ohm Greenback
  • Dimensions: 18.75"W x 17"H x 8.25"D
  • Weight: 28lbs
  • Sonic Blue Tolex