Alvarez MD60EBG  Masterworks Acoustic Electric Guitar

Alvarez MD60EBG Masterworks Acoustic Electric Guitar

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The Alvarez MD60EBG is constructed predominantly from Mahogany, with its body and neck crafted from this popular tonewood. Offering a warm and rich mid-range, this material also accentuates the lows to ensure that the full range of the instrument is heard.

Adorned with a Solid AA Sitka Spruce top, this wood adds some crucial top-end crispness. Providing you with plenty of presence, you can play fingerpicked patterns with all of the clarity and articulation you’d expect from a high-quality acoustic guitar.

The MD60EBG also features Alvarez’s thoughtful FST2 bracing, which is essentially a forward-shifted X brace design. With the axis of the X closer to the sound hole, this design forms a larger soundboard area that can harness more vibrations from the strings. This allows the guitar to resonate more naturally, giving it additional volume and an airier sound.


Like many of its counterparts, the Alvarez MD60EBG is fitted with high-end LR Baggs electronics. This model features their VTC system, with its discrete sound-hole-mounted pickup capturing the full acoustic range and voice of the instrument.

This exceptional pickup convincingly transfers its unique tonal qualities through a PA system or recording interface, making this guitar perfect for live performance and session work.