Just added; A couple of amazing Gretsch Guitars, including a Baritone, several Danelectro Guitars (a Baby Sitar (Electric Sitar), 12 strings, Baritone, Electric Resonator). Check out the videos with the Baby Sitar and the resonator to be wowed! Expected within the next few weeks; a shipment of Eastman Guitars and replacements for (the fast selling) Riversong Guitars (High end, very innovative Canadian Brand).

Alvarez RU22T - Tenor Ukulele

Alvarez RU22T - Tenor Ukulele in Natural Satin

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In the Regent Series ukuleles, you’ll find affordable, open-sounding, and responsive instruments that deliver impressive projection,
volume and fine tone.

top: Spruce
Back & Sides: Mahogany
Neck: Mahogany
Bracing: Fan
Bridge: Engineered Rosewood
fingerboard: Engineered Rosewood
nut & saddle: Real bone
tuners: Chrome, closed back