Just added; A couple of amazing Gretsch Guitars, including a Baritone, several Danelectro Guitars (a Baby Sitar (Electric Sitar), 12 strings, Baritone, Electric Resonator). Check out the videos with the Baby Sitar and the resonator to be wowed! Expected within the next few weeks; a shipment of Eastman Guitars and replacements for (the fast selling) Riversong Guitars (High end, very innovative Canadian Brand).

Ashdown 550 Spyder Head

Ashdown 550 Spyder Head

Regular price $599.99

This Über-cool rackmount head combines the warmth and grind of the 427 Small Block’s all-tube preamp with the dynamics of Ashdown’s tour-proven 500-Watt ABM power stage.

The 550 Spyder head features High and Low gain inputs, front panel-mounted Effects Send and Return, rotary Bass, Middle and Treble controls with Mid Shift, Bass Shift and Bright switching, Mute switch, rotary Gain and Master volume controls and balanced DI output with Pre/Post switching. The 550 Spyder partners perfectly with a range of Ashdown US Series cabinets.


Power Output 550W
H x W x D (mm) 195 x 525 x 325
Weight (kg) 14