Just added; A couple of amazing Gretsch Guitars, including a Baritone, several Danelectro Guitars (a Baby Sitar (Electric Sitar), 12 strings, Baritone, Electric Resonator). Check out the videos with the Baby Sitar and the resonator to be wowed! Expected within the next few weeks; a shipment of Eastman Guitars and replacements for (the fast selling) Riversong Guitars (High end, very innovative Canadian Brand).

Revelation RJT60 DLX - L/H

Revelation RJT60 DLX - L/H Natural Left handed Electric Guitar

Additional Information:

Revelation is the highly popular brand designed by UK guitar guru Alan Entwistle that offers retro style guitars at amazing prices. He would not put his name to a product that wasn’t top notch. Don’t let the pound signs fool you, these are a no compromise range of instruments that give a real bang for your buck.

This is the Deluxe version of the popular RJT60, made from beautiful Swamp Ash, and finished with a Fan-Tale bridge.


Colour: Natural

Neck: Canadian Maple

Fingerboard: Walnut

Body: Swamp Ash

Hardware: Nickel

Strings: Galli

Pots: Smoothtrack

Bridge: Wilkinson

Nut: Graphtech