Harmony Comet in Midnight Blue Electric Guitar.

Harmony Comet in Midnight Blue Electric Guitar.

Built in Kalamazoo Michigan USA. 

Semi-Hollow Body

The Comet's carved top and back retain warm tone and acoustic qualities, while its long-tenon set neck construction increases sustain.

Premium Tonewoods

Genuine mahogany, known for its deep and warm sound qualities, has been specially sourced to craft this guitar.

Six-in-Line Headstock

Just like the original H72, the Comet has a unique six-in-line headstock that sets it apart from other semi-hollow electric guitars.

Harmony Gold Foil Humbuckers

Custom-voiced and hand-wound, these neck and bridge pickups deliver precise, articulate and well-balanced sound. Designed by the same man that designed Jimmy Page`s pickups before Gibson left Kalamazoo...

Comes in a deluxe MONO padded gigbag.