Jansen Jazzman electric guitar in Sunburst finish
Jansen Jazzman electric guitar in Sunburst finish
Jansen Jazzman electric guitar in Sunburst finish

Jansen Jazzman electric guitar in Sunburst finish

JansenRetro styling & classic tones
This is one of the new reissue Jansen guitars and it’s a killer! It’s a very close recreation of a mid-60’s Jansen Jazzman. Jansen made heaps of guitars and amps during the 60’s guitar boom in New Zealand. The Original vintage models of these are very hard to find and are fast going up in price.

These reissues have captured the vibe and are constructed well with very playable necks and great-sounding pickups!  Attention to detail is excellent. The Alan Entwhistle pickups sound amazing and have tons of tone to boot!

Jazzman Specs

Neck: 24,75″ Scale length
Body: Okume
Pickups: based on the old Jansen/D’armond types, very high output, but vintage sound.
Controls: Volume, Tone, ATN 5 (5-way varitone) and Bass Cut switch.
Bridge: Jansen floating tremolo with roller bridge.

More about the ATN 5 (5-way varitone)

The three mini switches are the individual pickup switches, the 5-way rotary is the ATN 5 (varitone) and the slide switch next to it is a Bass cut, (gives that thin Surf sound)

1) This is the fully clockwise position, and it is a bypass.. in other words, nothing goes through the ATN 5’s system.
2) This position passes more midrange information from the pickups and is slightly nasal in character.
3) This position has a more acoustic response and on this position. If you back the volume off a little and give your amp plenty of trebles, cut back the middle, and bass at 2 o’clock then you should get an almost acoustic-electric sound.
4) This position is similar to position 3 just a slight difference in tonality.
5) This position tends to render a thinner sound, it is still a little acoustic, but if you take the volume back a little, you can end up with that kind of bright surf guitar sound.structure.

Jazzman Woods

Fingerboards are “Lignum Rosa”, which is a composite made of laminated poplar impregnated with resin, it has the look and feel of Rosewood, but is actually denser and more stable, we are using it universally now. With Canadian Rock Maple neck.

Body: Okume, from central Africa, similar to mahogany, a good tonewood, body depth 45mm.