Riversong T2 Electric Guitar

Riversong T2 Electric Guitar Rootbeer Fade

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The T-style guitar reinvented! In Canada! Arriving at our store end of February!!

Limited run of 50!

The Riversong T2 electric guitar, our first non-acoustic instrument, uses our patented Riversong Guitars technology and love of innovation to create a truly special instrument. Pictured here is our production prototype, the initial build of 40 (first run) of this guitar. It sold within 2 hours of stringing! This is a great way to launch our production guitars and a great way for you to have a say in how a guitar is made. Ultimately we will take the most popular options plus what we like and create models for distribution to our dealer base. As for now they are all custom built, orders will take time.

The Riversong T2 launches our Solid Body program and each will come with a certificate and hardshell case. Every base model will be close to what is shown with the Infinity Neck Joint “commercialized”.
The infinity neck joint isn’t a bolt on system, it is a three bolt threaded stud system that allows infinite adjustment of:

  • Neck angle for string height
  • Deck height for space between body and under side of strings
  • Fretboard Camber for the angle of the fretboard perpendicular to the neck angle for wrist comfort and playing ease

Steady bolt threaded rods increase sustain and stiffness of the neck joint rather than using wood screws clamping the neck into a pocket.
Available in two colours, Trans Blue and Rootbeer Fade.