We are very excited to inform you The Guitar Boutique has a new location!!

We are moving 3.3 km from our old location at the Ranch.

Our showroom is full of world class guitars, amps and accessories!!!

Our hours have not changed, we are open 7 days a week and we prefer you to call ahead 

Come see what you're missing!!! 

Our distinctive logo will be on well placed directional signs to guide you to our new showroom !!

Here is a Google link will from the Ranch location to our new location

Thank you


May 31 2022 We had a costumer from Australia recently buy a  Alvarez cedar top  acoustic. Wonderful experience with him and he gave an awesome review on the service and instrument.


Bruce and Co.

The Guitar boutique experience was great!!
I highly recommend them. They ship world wide and do not mess around. 
I opened the case and was YES!!
I live in Port Douglas Australia, truly in the middle of nowhere. 24 hr drive to Brisbane and that's the closest city to me. We do have a couple guitars stores just an hour away in Cairns. Whatever.. I was a bit reluctant to do a major purchase on a mail order bride, but with the scarcity going on I opted to buy now rather than wait til I unable to find what I want.
I'd been looking at older 810,  new messiah and new A5R, to name a few of my short list cutaway dreadnought s. But I really like the cedar top and the tone for which they sing. Jerry, Warren and Monte are three of my most loved players and they all play Alvarez Yari. The DY1TS is a masterworks series, aged wood Alvarez Yari with the Cedar top and the direct bridge. The dealer here in Oz said that they do not even import them here 2 years ago when I started looking. So via reverb (thank you guys) I found the guitar boutique a few days later it was on its way. Tracked it the whole way. They had a shipping time of outside Ontario to Port Douglas in 15 days! Things that come from Brisbane can take over a week. We'll see her when she's here. There were 2 weekends and 2 public holiday involved and it arrived late arvo on day 16! Truly insane, couldn't believe it... great service all around! 
The description of the DY1TS says something  like so nice you won't want to take it out,  but please do its designed to be played! I thought yea whatever I'm gonna play it like crazy everywhere. Well they were right this guitar is a beautiful workhorse with a voice worthy of helping me express my soul with detail and ease. But yea it was so ornately amazing(breathtaking)i'm not able to take it out? Around drunks? No way... so I went to the local store and got the A5R, a spruce top solid battle axe with some great features. With both guitars set up the way I like them I'm leaving the strats behind. After playing the Yamaha for hours then picking up the Alvarez Yari there is no comparison. The A5R is a great guitar but the DY1TS is off the planet. The neck, the tone, the feel and the cosmetics it's way better, wayyyy better than worth way more than doubble the cost. I'm very happy with my transaction and my new Alvarez Yari DY1TS! 
Import costs plan on just over 20%. Bloody camberra.
Thank you Guitar Boutique 
Thanks again Doug!!!

February 6 2022

Pics from our store!!

Now in stock; Tagima Guitars! Hailing from Sao Paolo Brazil Tagima has a rich heritage of building stringed instruments, both with traditional ideas and with innovative designs. We have Brazilian made aswell as Brazilian designed in stock and they are fenomenal!

January 13 2022: Now in stock; the Honduran Mahogany Alvarez Yairi DYM60HD! Super Limited run of Guitars made With old Stock Honduran Mahogany!
December 31 2021: Just in; three USA Made PRS guitars... Custom Colour Core McCarty 594 Hollowbody II another Core and an S2... All three in custom colours. The black looking S2 is actually very dark transparent blue. More pictures and the actual postings to follow next week.

December 21 2021: Several PRS on their way (including CORE!), and just added a beautiful 2019 pre-owned Gibson ES-335 Dot P90 in Sunburst. Amazing! Also just in; a gorgeous, first owner Duesenberg Fullerton TV in Vintage White!.

November 30th 2021: A quick teaser of two USA PRS`s that will ship from Maryland to us soon: 
PRS Core Custom 24, 35th Anniversary in a very rare custom colour called Gold Top Smokewrap Burst. This is one of one... If you want info or preorder please send an email to 

PRS S2 McCarty 594 also in a custom finish; All Black.
November 11 2021: We`re proud to announce that we`ll be Kramer Guitars Dealer!!! many models coming in, for more info and timeframes contact us at 

October 26 2021; Back in stock: Alvarez ABT60E and ABT60CESHB acoustic electric baritone guitars!! Ridiculous value for money, and super fast sellers.

October 22 2021; Just in; a gorgeous 2011 Gibson ES-335 in satin ebony. a total stunner, plays like butter...

October 20 2021; new in stock ; a nice lefthanded Eastman E1OML, affordable with amazing quality and sound! Up for pre-order (expected mid november) Eastman E20SS. These sloped shoulder models sell so fast that we`ve reordered several E10SS, of which one has already been sold. Contact us for an ETA! 

October 12 2021; The below mentioned PRS`s have arrived and are amazing!!

October 7 2021; On their way to us; PRS SE Custom 24 dc, PRS SE Custom 24 Floyd Rose, PRS SE 245 TS, PRS SE Mark Holcomb. The Floyd and Holcomb with brand new top carve. ETA is one to two weeks. they`re en route! Pre Order!

October 6 2021; New in stock; Danelectro D59 Divine Flame Maple, D59 Divine Fresh Cream and Danelectro Jade D57 in black.

October 4 2021; Back in stock: Duesenberg Jeff DaRosa, Duesenberg Julia, Duesenberg TV Phonic Black and White, Duesenberg Alamo lapsteel, Duesenberg Joe Walsh and the Duesenberg Starplayer TV Ice Pearl

September 27 2021. the Duesenberg Tom Bukovac "Session Man" is a huge seller. Sold out again! Next batch will arrive end of october/ early november. You can Pre-Order. Also; big sale on Revelation Guitars! 

September 24 2021; Back in stock; the iconic Eastman E10SS!!! Big bold, punch through a mix- amazing tone! And we have a treat for our lefthanded friends; the Eastman E20OML.

September 22 2021; Back in stock; the phenomenal Teye Apache! Handmade in Nashville, engraved aluminum top, inlayed turquoise, Seymour Duncan Jazz with coil split and Teye`s Mojo circuit; very very very tasty!!  Also just arrived; a new batch of PRS SE!

September 9 2021; Just added a couple USA Fender Strats in the USED section!

September 8 2021: Flying under the radar but packing a huge punch; the Harmony Comet. Now built at the Heritage in Kalamazoo Michigan these guitars give super tone, feel, playability with aesthetically a big wink to the 1960's. Come check them out, you WILL be amazed. 

September 1st 2021: Just in; the Heritage h-137 Artisan aged. Limited Canadian run; 5 in Original Sunburst, and 10 in TV Yellow. We just received one of each. Tons of mojo, brawl and super easy playability... Also just in today; the Duesenberg Senior in Blonde and one in glossy black. Stripped down looks, dirty tones!!
August 27 2021; Back in stock; the Duesenberg Starplayer 3 in Catalina Red, the Alvarez ABT60E Baritone acoustic electric that constantly sells out. And there`s a huge sale going on with Revelation guitars! High end pickups, great tone woods, Wilkinson hardware, and at a great price...

August 19 2021; We just got word that we`ll have another PRS shipment coming in last week of august/ first week of september. They`re online for preorder. Here`s one of the beauties that is on her way; 

August 16 2021; We just received some PRS SE Guitars! Currently working to get them online. here`s one of them; the Zach Myers. 

August 8 2021; One Duesenberg Fairytale Split King Lapsteel just became available for pre-order. Expected to be here end of the month/ first week of september. Want one; grab her while you can. They`re basically sold out once they arrive in North America. 

August 4 2021. Back in stock; the Hofner Igition Club Bass HOF-HI-CB-PE-SB

Also new in stock; d`Angelico Premier Brighton 

july 16 2021; I notice several people have searched for the PRS Silver Sky on our website. We have several on order. If there are any questions about certain models of guitar; shoot us an email at . For Duesenberg Alvarez PRS Godin (and all of Godins brands) Teye Eastman we can get whatever you want. Delivery times differ per manufacturer and sometimes per model. Edwin

July 12 2021; Also check out our line of the Heritage Guitars. Built in Kalamazoo at the former Gibson plant by the former Gibson employees left behind when Gibson decided to move to Tennessee. Quote by Guitar Player Magazine; " If you desire a single-cutaway solidbody that oozes vintage Kalamazoo mojo and don’t want to drop six figures, the Heritage Standard H-150 delivers the same thrills for a lot less bills"... 

And of course our friends at Teye Guitars. Handmade in Nashville Tennessee with tons of cool exclusive features! Here`s a video of Teye himself going over the Apache with all it`s features and sounds. 

july 12 2021 Check out this amazing review of the d` Angelico Bedford 

We have one in stock in Natural Finished Swamp Ash.

July 6 2021; Back in stock; the amazing Guild Starfire 1 Jet 90 in Satin Black; three p90`s and a Bigsby... And finally back in stock; the Eastman PCH1-GACE-CLA. A super comfortable Grand Auditorium with cutaway and electronics at a stupid nice price.

July 5th 2021:
In stock a gorgeous, pre-owned left handed USA Made Ovation Legend L717! Light playwear on the frets but many years left on them, only a few small clearcoat cracks at the bridge; neck angle is still perfect. On board electronics... Call, visit or email for a price!

June 22 2021: Just in; a beautiful brand new Kalamazoo built Harmony Comet! Gold Foil Humbuckers, locking Tuners; Amazing!! Also just in; a gorgeous Spanish built Cordoba 45 ltd in Black and White Ebony and a Cordoba Fusion 5SNB!  

June 8 2021; As of June 11th 11 am we`re open to the public again 7 days a week, 11 till 6, due to Ontario loosening Covid restrictions. Masks and use of handsanitiser are still mandatory.

June 2nd 2021; Right handed Hofner Ignition Pro Violin basses (the Beatle bass!) are back! Currently waiting on restocking of our German made Hofner Violin Basses.

May 31 2021; We need to make room for a big batch of guitars expected very soon. Use discount code GB5 at checkout for Burny Guitars and Duesenberg (excluding strings, straps, 2021 models and lapsteel). If you have any questions; email

May 27 2021; Just added a Quilter product page, and a special product page for the amazing handbuilt Japanese Yairi Guitars (Alvarez- Yairi cooperation). New postings for amongst others two models of all old growth, 50 years outdoor cured Honduran Mahogany Yairi guitars... the DYM60HD and the FYM66HD . Both very limited edition!

May 21; Two gorgeous Alvarez Artist Elite electric acoustic guitars arrived; the AGFM80cear and the ADE90CEAR. Exceptional guitars, with LR Baggs pickups, stunning wood choices, and great prices!

May 13; Just added two beautiful Handbuilt Japanese Alvarez Yairi Guitars. One  six string Jumbo, and one 12 string dread.

May 12 2021 Just in a rare one; a Teye Apache! go check this amazing Swiss Army knife of a guitar out! 

May 11 2021 More PRS guitars came in. However, all but one were already sold before arrival. They`ll keep trickling in over the spring and summer. We`ve also just placed our first big PRS CE and PRS Core order. Delivery times are one to two years on the CE and Core line. If you would like a list of what we have on order and preorder one (we can`t keep the PRS guitars in stock; they sell too fast); email please.

May 4 2021 Just in; a the Heritage H-150 in Original Sunburst! Want a Les Paul built by the old Gibson employees in the old Gibson factory in Kalamazoo; the Heritage!!!

May 3 2021 Check out our clearance section. We need to make room for new arrivals so we`ve also added Revelation models to the clearance section. Superior in electronics by far to their price-equivalents of other brands, great finishes, very very nice tonewoods, a lot of the Revelations come stock with Wilkinson hardware. Also in the clearance section are a few New Old Stock Taylors left (25 % off, just like acoustic Guilds, D`Angelico, Tanglewood and Takamine Guitars!). Expected soon; more PRS (which are HOT sellers), more Duesenbergs, the first North American Duesenberg 2021 models, and restock on the Duesenberg lapsteels. 

April 29 2021 Just in; the Joyo Sweet Baby 5 Watt tube combo!!! an amazing little tube amp with sweet sweet tones at a very affordable price.

April 26 2021 Back in stock: Duesenberg Joe Walsh in Black, Caribou in Butterscotch, the Duesenberg Mando, Paloma in Black, White and Red Sparkle, Starplayer TV Deluxe in Crimson Red, Starplayer TV Phonic in Venetian White. The first PRS Guitars are online, more will come in in two weeks.

April 21 2021  New in stock; a gorgeous red burst Teye Super Coyote guitar!! Nashville built excellence. We can finally reveal that the first batch of PRS SE guitars will arrive this coming weekend! Due to high demand the collection we ordered will trickle in through out the summer. We`re stoked!

April 13 2021 Just came in; a nice shipment of Art & Lutherie and Seagull Guitars.

April 12 2021  Just added to our inventory; an amazing and rare Teye Guitars Fox lefthanded model in a stunning red burst. Check Teye Guitars out; Exceptional craftsmanship and electronics coming from Nashville. Also added a fresh batch of Godin ACS models!

April 8 2021.  We`re in another full lockdown. For telephone or email inquiries we will be present daily 11-6 as usual. Online sales and curbside are available. Repairs will also be curbside drop off and pickup. 

March 28 2021 Just added a large selection of Burny guitars (very accurate and infamous G8bson copies), several Seagull guitars and Beaver Creek Guitaleles

March 22 2021 Just in a new shipment of Seagull Guitars, and the infamous Eastman T series semi hollow thinline electrics!

March 5 2021. Now in a very rare Godin xtSA Koa Extrame HG electric guitar with electric, acoustic and synth pickups! Also several out of stock Duesenbergs will be available for pre order ;
Starplayer TV Phonic Venetian White
Paloma in Red Sparkle
Starplayer TV Black
Joe Walsh in Black
Starplayer TV Deluxe in Crimson Red
Caribou in Butterscotch
Paloma in White 
Mando 12 string Mandola

March 3 2021. Back in stock; Duesenberg Johnny Depp, Starplayer TV Ice Pearl (the Ron Wood model) and a beautiful goldburst Joe Walsh! Presale on the new Duesenberg 2021 models are going very well.

February 22 2021. Free North American shipping on Duesenberg Guitars and Basses! 

February 12 2021. Free Shipping in Canada on Godin, Art&Lutherie, Norman, Seagull and Simon and Patrick Guitars! Now in; the new Burny (Fernandes) guitars; go to the Burny page and be amazed!! Also in the first two Vintage (by JHS and Wilkinson) guitars, one of which is a gorgeous semi hollow 12 string. Added; Alvarez MD60BG and several Seagulls. Happy buying! Curbside pickup is working amazingly!

February 9 2021. The New Duesenberg 2021 models are available for pre order! We`re getting the first North American ones. Check them out!!! Be fast ordering... Also; the new Harmony Comet available for preorder. Built in Kalamazoo USA with goldfoils designed by the same man that designed Jimmy Page`s pickups before Gibson left the building that is now the Heritage Guitars; who build Harmony! Also coming; new Harmony tube amps, to be uploaded tomorrow to this website.

February 4 2021. Clearance! Check our clearance section: 10% off  for Taylor, Tanglewood, Epiphone, Yamaha, Guild, D`Angelico, Jasmine and Schecter. NOS guitars that have to go to a good home!!

January 27 2021. As of now we`re official dealer of Vintage Guitars, Trev Wilkinsons brainchild that provides authentic guitars with modern specs and features. Coming soon!

January 25 2021. More amazing Burny Guitars added! Available early February! Want a G*bson but not pay that amount? Check out Burny. Notorious for being the best copies of G*bson guitars ever since Fernandes started the brand early 1970's!

January 18 2021. Just in; the first two the Heritage Guitars! Built in the former Gibson plant in Kalamazoo, by the former Gibson luthiers, on the machines that built so many great Gibsons; these guitars are up there in quality, and THEN some! Seymour Duncans stock, superior build quality. Can`t play more authentic!

January 13th 2021. Back in stock; Japanese made Tokai Breezy Sound Tele style guitars. Superior to the F####r Teles in every way, in a beautiful Pink Paisley and Black Paisley. No painted on Paisley but actual fabric underneath clearcoat. Check them out! Also back in stock the Godin Kingpin left handed!

January 5th 2021. As of now we stock lapsteel strings, D`Addario EPS 490 for E-9, and D`Addario EPS 500 for C-6 tuning. Several Duesenbergs came in aswell as Godin and Seagull. Check their pages on the left and select date; new first. Cheers!

December 30 2020. The Revelation Marrakesh is once again sold out. New batch of 7 expected in january. If you want to reserve one; pre order!

December 29 2020. Back in stock; Duesenberg TV Phonic, Starplayer TV and the Revelation Marrakesh quarter note guitar. 3 out of 4 Marrakeshes sold within a day of arrival and didn`t even make it to the internet. Crazy!

December 23 2020. Despite lockdown starting Christmas Day we will still be present due to our online sales that we need to check, setup and ship out. Need more info; call us at 9056687210 or email . Repairs can be done by curbside drop off and pick up. Merry Christmas and a very happy and healthy New Year from the team at the Guitar Boutique!!!

December 16 2020; Several Alvarez acoustic baritones added to inventory, also new Hofner Ignition basses and cases in stock

December 12 2020;

We are proud to announce that we will be official Paul Reed Smith and the Heritage Guitars  dealers!