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Burny RLC-85 Black Electric Guitar

Burny RLC-85 Black Electric Guitar

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Burny Better than the original? Under the brand BURNY, the Japanese guitar manufacturer FERNANDES has been selling sensational LP and SG copies since the 1970s. The amazing thing is that we as guitar makers say, that these instruments are even technically superior to the originals. The workmanship is almost perfect! Even in a direct comparison, there are no significant differences in quality. So if you can do without the status of the original name, you'll find an ingenious guitar for an affordable price.

The RCL-85JP’s retro look is enhanced with the addition of a very cool looking Bigsby vibrato tailpiece that allows for some powerful, expressive bends. This, the retro look tuners and pickup covers look absolutely stunning in a luxurious gold finish, adding a warm sophistication very much in keeping with the sound of this guitar.

The wide tonal range and raw power is due to a 3 humbucker pickup configuration - a typically jazzy setup that offers a variety of sonic options whilst maintaining a strong, defined sound. What really singles this guitar out is just how natural it feels - from its weight, balance, and core presence, it feels solid, whole and comfortable.

The RCL-85JP offers the excellent quality features and tonally broad sound of a guitar with double its price tag at least.


  • NECK: Mahogany
  • BODY: Mahogany 60 mm
  • SCALE: 628 mm
  • FINGERBOARD: Rosewood
  • JOINT: Set-Neck
  • NUT: 43 mm
  • 3 x Humbucker (FVH2002)
  • Fernandes Original Type Tuner
  • Gold Tune O Matic 
  • Gold Bigsby tremolo-system B70G
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