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Duesenberg LittleToaster-Neck-Nickel

Duesenberg LittleToaster-Neck-Nickel

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The Alnico Mini-Humbucker which sounds like a Singlecoil.

The LittleToaster boasts an extremely open tone with lots of sparkling trebles. These are features not normally associated with regular so called "Mini-Humbuckers". 

The provided black pickup frame has the outer dimensions of a regular humbucker frame, so that the LittleToaster can be installed on all guitars featuring a humbucker routing without modifications. Additionally, the "LittleToaster" features the same dimensions as the old Höfner pickups and can be used to breath new life into these instruments.

The LittleToaster is used on various Duesenberg models. It also found the way into the hands of Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh, who immediately wanted it installed in his Alliance Model.

4 conductor wire

Distance between polepieces: 50mm (E6-e1)

Pickup frame included

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