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Burny RLG-55 VGT Vintage Gold Top Electric Guitar

Burny RLG-55 VGT Vintage Gold Top Electric Guitar

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Burny is a range of Gibson replica guitars produced by Fernandes Guitars. The Fernandes company was established in 1969 in Japan. Its Burny brand was used for the Gibson replica guitars while the Fernandes brand was used for the Fender replica guitars. Fernandes initially made acoustic guitars and started making electric guitars around 1971 or 1972. The Burny Les Paul models first appeared in the mid-1970s. 


  • NECK: Mahogany, 14 °
  • SCALE: 628mm
  • FINGERBOARD: Laurel, 22F, 400R
  • JOINT: Set-Neck
  • NUT (width): Resinoid, 43mm (0 Fret)
  • FRET: 2.7mm
  • TUNER: FERNANDES Original Type
  • BODY: (TOP ) Maple 15mm
  • (BACK) Mahogany 45mm
  • PICKUPS: (Neck) Original Pickup
  • (Bridge) Original Pickup
  • CONTROLS: 2Volume, 2Tone, Toggle-SW.
  • BRIDGE: FERNANDES Original Type
  • STRINGS: .010 – .046
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