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Riversong P2P GA Baritone! Pre Order, ETA June 2023

Riversong P2P GA Baritone! Pre Order, ETA June 2023

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(Guitar is slightly larger than the photo)
Same as P2P-GA but with a 27.44" baritone neck w/HS Case

ETA June / Mid June

You will feel nothing but relaxed with The River Pacific guitar, where performance and comfort are perfectly integrated.

The attention to detail with the arm rest and rib rest bevels makes this guitar comfortable for anyone. Our patented adjustable "Neck-thru" system increases resonance by decreasing bulky bracing while offering a fast and precise adjustment for action and intonation. The precise adjustment of action and intonation make this guitar stand out like no other guitar on the planet.

Utilizing several top quality woods from Canada, this guitar also features dual carbon fibre rods in the neck, side sound port (which acts like a personal monitor), diffuser disc (a tuned feedback buster) and the revolutionary Fishman Flex pickup system, which is a feature of the Custom Shop G2 Series and can be seen today on the biggest stages in the world.  First class design, playability, with unique patented construction make this guitar a must have in your arsenal.  As an affordable luxury guitar with an emphasis on performance, it’s no wonder the River Pacific P2P GA was winner of Acoustic Guitar of the Year by MMR Magazine! 

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