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Groove Tubes

Groove Tubes GT 6L6 Matched Duet

Groove Tubes GT 6L6 Matched Duet

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A medium-output power tube (generally 20-25 watts) often used in Fender® professional amplifiers including the Bassman®, Bandmaster®, Concert, Dual Showman®, Hot Rod™ Series, Pro Series, Super Reverb®, Tremolux™, Twin, Vibrolux®, Super-Sonic™, Blues Deluxe™, Blues DeVille™ and others. Available in many variations, its response is round, with a pronounced midrange character; strident and chesty with a super-bright and clean, powerful punch. Perhaps the most recognized signature tone for U.S. guitar music of all styles from the '60s onward.

Great dynamics and a very sweet, punchy tone with enhanced power rating and performance. More brilliant top end and a very full, pronounced and round low-frequency output. A solid replacement for stock performance.

  • Country Of Origin SK
  • Platform Amp & Audio Parts
  • Series Amp Tubes
  • Style 6L6 Tubes
  • Measurements
  • Dimensions 2.00x4.00x6.50 IN
  • Shipping Height 2.00 IN
  • Shipping Length 6.50 IN
  • Shipping Weight 0.50 LB
  • Shipping Width 4.00 IN
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